Why I’m a Part of MKEsearch - Joe Martinez

By:  MKEsearch Admin

After college, before I truly figured out what I wanted to do for a living, I spent almost five years at a job I hated. I had no passion. I had no desire. Then a friend introduced me to the world of search marketing. I was hooked immediately and completely changed career paths. I can honestly say that my career is my passion, and I love sharing the knowledge I’ve learned with as many people who want to take it in. I learned much of what I know from others in the industry, and it’s time to pay it forward.

Throughout the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet brilliant digital marketers across the country who’ve become friends. These people have endlessly shared information which has helped me along my career. You see, the search engine marketing community is one of the most sharing group of people you can meet. There are no massive secrets. Some of the best digital marketers in the country are more than willing to share their strategies, tactics, and industry knowledge while asking for nothing in return. This is the type of community I want to help create in Milwaukee.

Don’t believe me that people in this industry share the knowledge so willingly? There are already organizations like MKEsearch that have been running successfully for years. Examples include DFW SEM, SLC SEM and MN Search. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that members from each of these organizations willingly gave us advice on how they started their search organizations to help us get started as soon as possible. We don’t see each other as competitors. We view each other as peers. That unselfish thinking is what we’re starting with MKEsearch.

Our goal is to provide in-depth presentations to help you grow your skillset and career. We want to bring in search marketers from all across the country, from a variety of industries and backgrounds, to share their knowledge and expertise with you. This organization is for the beginner curious to see what search marketing is. This organization is for the business owner who needs to understand the opportunities out there that can help improve their business online. This organization is for the experienced search marketer who understands you’re never done learning in this industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn, network with others interested in search marketing, share your knowledge to build a name for yourself, and possibly become a future board member. I can’t wait for the search community in Milwaukee grow, and I want you to be a part of MKEsearch.